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Y6 IoW Trip - 2023


It is that wonderful time of year again when our Year 6 team fly the nest and venture across The Solent to Little Canada. On this link you can experience a virtual tour of Little Canada

Our staff will be updating this page throughout the week when they get the chance. Please be aware that the wifi at Little Canada can be a bit temperamental so we cannot always update the page at the same time each day. Keep checking back and enjoy having a little insight into what we hope will be a wonderful experience for our children. 

A reminder that photos must not be shared on social media.

Monday 26th June



We have arrived! The children have all found their cabins and dropped off their luggage and are now finding their bearings with a tour of the site. 


They are VERY excited! 



The children are all settled into their cabins and have enjoyed exploring Little Canada. Our journey here was really smooth and they loved the ferry crossing! Year 6 have enjoyed their first meal; they had the options of beef lasagna, vegetable lasagna, pasta with tomato sauce and katsu chicken. Some of them even ate from the salad bar! 

They are now playing detectives in a game of Cluedo around the site to discover 'who done it' and are looking forward to tomorrow's activities.

Tuesday 27th June

Year 6 have had a brilliant day at PGL! They began this morning with a delicious cooked breakfast with all the trimmings to prepare for the busy day ahead. The children had a range of activities to take part in today: kayaking, vertical challenge, sensory trail, orienteering, archery and problem solving. Some children challenged themselves to reach the top of the high ropes obstacle course and others embraced the mud in the sensory trail - sorry for the all the muddy clothes coming your way! For lunch, the children enjoyed burgers or vegetable soup and for dinner the children had the choice of Hunter's Chicken, fish fingers or Shepherdless Pie with a chocolate muffin for dessert. Today, year six also had the opportunity to visit the shop to buy souvenirs or just some more sweets!

They have had an earlier night to prepare for more fun activities tomorrow. 

Group 1 and 2 kayaking

Group 1 : archery and orienteering

Group 2: archery and orienteering

Group 3: climbing, problem solving, orienteering and sensory trail

Group 4: archery, problem solving, sensory trail and vertical challenge

Group 5: archery, orienteering, sensory trail and vertical challenge

Group 6: archery, orienteering, climbing and sensory trail

Wednesday 28th July


The children had a good night's sleep and woke up excited for today's activities. This morning, they enjoyed another cooked breakfast to start the day. Group 3, 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed kayaking together for the morning. They learnt how to manoeuver the kayak in pairs and put their newly learnt skills into practice by playing some games. The children also loved cooling off in the sea and splashing around. Group 1 had fencing and vertical challenge; there are some skilled fencers and climbers within the group. Group 2 have spent most of the morning off the ground climbing on Jacob's Ladder and the vertical challenge. 

For lunch, the children had the choice of chicken nuggets, veggie nuggets, chips, tomato soup, sandwiches and pasta with sauce. Lots of children have said how much they have loved the food!

This afternoon, the children have even more fun activities to look forward to which will upload soon. 

Group 3, 4, 5 and 6 kayaking

Group 1: fencing and vertical challenge

Group 2: Jacob's Ladder and vertical challenge

The children had an excellent afternoon full of different activities, including climbing, vertical challenge and the Matrix - who knew "boat cleaning" could be so fun? Ask the children about this when they get home - they will love to tell you about Little Canada's worst kept secret. 

All the adults have been so impressed with the children's perseverance and behaviour on the trip. They have been cheering each other one brilliantly; the instructors have been impressed with their team spirit and engagement. For dinner, the children had a choice of chicken or vegetable curry and cheesy meatballs with pasta. They also enjoyed a donut for dessert. Year 6 ended the day with a game of dodgeball and ultimate frisbee.

Group 1: vertical challenge and Matrix

Group 2: climbing and sensory trail

Group 3: vertical challenge and archery

Group 4: climbing and Matrix

Group 5: climbing and Matrix

Group 6: fencing and Matrix

Thursday 29th June 

 We have had another fun-filled and busy day at PGL. The children woke up to the rain but this soon cleared and we enjoyed a day of sunshine. For breakfast, the children had another cooked breakfast. One child said the food has been one of the best parts of the trip. This morning groups 1, 4 and 5 had laser tag. The children loved this (as did the adults) and this has become a firm new favourite activity. Group 2 started the morning off with some problem solving then encountered the trapeze. They were so brave! Group 3 and 6 also completed the high ropes and participated in Jacob's Ladder and abseiling. In the afternoon, the children had more high rope activities then finished their last night with another trip to the shop and a fantastic disco. The children enjoyed dressing up and dancing the night away!

We are having some difficulties with the Wi-Fi at Little Canada so we will upload more of the photos from today's activities as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. 

Group 1, 4 and 5 laser tag

Group 1: climbing and Jacob's Ladder

Group 2: fencing, problem solving and trapeze

Group 3: fencing, trapeze and Jacob's Ladder

Group 4: Jacob's Ladder, orienteering and trapeze

Group 5: abseiling, Jacob's Ladder and trapeze

Group 6: abseiling, Jacob's Ladder and trapeze

Friday 30th July 2023

Group 2, 3 and 6 laser tag:

Group 1: abseiling and sensory trail

Group 2: abseiling

Group 3: abseiling

Group 4: fencing and abseiling

Group 5: fencing and problem solving

Group 6: vertical challenge

All the photos from PGL have been uploaded now. The children had such an excellent time and they behaved brilliantly. All the staff are very proud!