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Learning Powers

Did you know we all have secret learning powers?

At Meridian Primary School we believe that learning is not fixed and that everybody can grow. With time, effort, practice and input all children can achieve. We seek to encourage all children to develop a Growth Mindset which values effort and perseverance, rather than a Fixed Mindset which concentrates on ability. Children are taught about learning powers and these are referred to inside the classroom as well as on the playground and around the school. Our learning powers help us all to become better learners.

As stated in our vision “picking the children up, dusting them off, so they are ready to go again” and our learning powers are what they need to get up!

Be inspired

Picture how things might look, sounds, feel, be

Draw it

Think outside the box

Ask questions

Making links

Know more, remember more

Use what you already know

Enjoy finding patterns

Look for connections

Communicate effectively (Oracy)


Listen to others


Be kind when you disagree

Explain your thinking clearly

Plan for success


Keep the goal in mind

Have a Growth Mindset

Use resources to help you

Don’t worry about getting it wrong

But work towards getting it right



Keep trying

Celebrate marvellous mistakes and learn from them

Being stuck helps you learn

It can sometimes be frustrating