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Vision, Values and Ethos

Learning for Life!

At Meridian Community Primary School our vision is to provide a safe, supportive, caring and stimulating learning environment where our children achieve their full potential in all areas of development, fostering a love and enjoyment of learning which will equip them for every future challenge.


In order to achieve our vision we will: 

  • have high expectations of all
  • have excellent inclusive teaching
  • develop positive and trusting relationships
  • ensure that all children have the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics
  • promote and support personal development, well being, mutual respect and citizenship
  • provide a safe, stimulating and challenging learning environment
  • provide a broad, balance, relevant and exciting curriculum
  • promote a positive attitude to learning and behaviour
  • promote working independently, co-operatively and as part of a team
  • recognise and celebrate achievement and diversity


These are the core values that everyone at Meridian Community Primary School aim to have:




  • Respect is knowing I am unique and valuable
  • Respect is listening to and working with others
  • Respect is politeness and consideration
  • Respect is understanding we have similarities and differences
  • Respect is being understanding and open minded
  • Respect is liking who I am


  • Honesty is telling the truth
  • Honest is trust
  • Honest is being true to yourself and others


  • Kindness is showing concern for others through words and actions
  • Kindness is caring, sharing and helping
  • Kindness is showing love and affections


  • Strength is always trying your best even when things get difficult
  • Strength is having the confidence to always have a go
  • Strength is having the courage to make mistakes and learn from them
  • Strength is having hope and optimism when things get difficult


  • Responsibility is being fair
  • Responsibility is taking care of myself and others
  • Responsibility is understanding when and how to say sorry
  • Responsibility is taking care of the environment