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Vision, Values and Ethos

Learning for Life!

From the moment our children join us, we know that every day, every lesson, every opportunity count, as we support them on their learning for life adventure. No time is wasted as we skilfully and enthusiastically inspire them to do their best, preparing them for every new challenge, every new experience.  We are a team wrapped around every single child cheering them on again and again; picking them up, dusting them off when they fall, so they are ready to go again. ​ Every child counts - and they know it. 


In order to achieve our vision we will ensure: 

  • strong and focused leadership at all levels
  • an exciting and engaging curriculum
  • high quality teaching across all subjects for all children
  • excellent behaviour and attitudes to learning through high expectations and positive and trusting relationships
  • a wide range of personal development opportunities for all children
  • children achieve their very best in school, particularly in reading, writing and mathematics


These are the core values that everyone at Meridian Community Primary School aim to have:



Here are our narratives to help children understand what our values mean:


Respect: you earn it; please do not expect it. 

I stand tall and proud and I know myself well – I am important.

My self respect scales help keep me balanced and strong. 

Don’t be fooled by my size; I am assertive, not aggressive.

I remember to show respect others – even when I find it hard to do so.

I understand how different we all are but recognise we have lots of similarities too – we are all amazing in different ways.

My listening skills value and welcome the opinions and ideas of others.

Don’t forget, please and thank you go a long way - thank you! 

I never forget to treat others how I would like to be treated – you might want to try it . . . 


Hello, my name is Honesty. Honesty is my policy and you won’t find me crying wolf.

I am a choice you make and I help you to tell the truth even when you find that tricky. I will untangle the knot in your tummy the moment the truth comes out. 

As Honesty, I’m here to help you build trusting relationships. Trust is an unbreakable chain that links you to others and I help you to do what you say you’re going to do.

I am here to remind you your opinion matters. In being true to yourself I will help you to shine from within and light the way for others. 

I give you integrity that keeps you on the right path. I am your moral compass that helps you to choose right from wrong. I will make sure you can always tell your whole truth. 



Kindness is my name and worldwide kindness is my aim

I have a big beaming smile that makes everyone feel comfortable and safe.

My sparkling eyes see the goodness in everybody.

My mouth uses kind words that make people feel good about themselves. 

My rocket shoes mean I can help others in a flash and my badge glows bright when I feel proud of my friends and family. 

My gentle hands wave hello and share with others.

My velvet cloak wraps around sadness and waits for it to pass.

My trusted toolbox is always on hand to repair unkindness.

My magic wand turns frowns upside down.

My growing brain understands that we are all unique and special. 

I know we are all different so I celebrate everyone’s achievements. 

My funny bone lets me laugh with others but not at them.

There is room in my gigantic heart for everyone, including me.



Hello my name is Strength, 

If you change the way you look at things… the things you look at change.

I’ll keep pushing you on…. and help you to embrace change. 

Don’t be afraid to try new things……. no matter how difficult things might seem.

You can overcome any challenge…… even if you can’t do it yet.

Making mistakes ............ these are proof that you are learning.

Sometimes we upset others ……………….. saying sorry and changing is brave

Even when things are tough….…… remember I am always there.

Sometimes things will appear hard……… even though you’ve tried your best.

I will help you grow and achieve your best ……… when you take a risk

Keep me in your pocket before you give in …….. you might be closer than you think

It might not happen straight away………you’re on a journey to greatness

Where would the fun be in getting there straight away?



In our team everyone plays their part.

If one person is missing we feel incomplete.

Only together will our actions produce excellence.

We coach, we discuss, work together to be our best.

We are all responsible for how we act and what we say. 

Our environments matter – we are proud to take care of these and those who live in them.

We try our best and recognise and repair our mistakes- this is how responsibility looks.

Questioning, reflecting, we strive to do what’s right.

Safety is our responsibility, looking out for one another - we keep ourselves and others safe.

We learn together to reach our potential