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School Council

 Here is what the school council said in their most recent meeting about our school!

"We use learning behaviours to make us better learners at school and at home"

"We love learning at Meridian because it’s fun"

"Meridian is friendly and welcoming"

"Our school dinners are scrumptious"

"We collaborate to make colourful, magical displays"

"If we make good behaviour choices, we get rewarded"

"We enjoy celebrating special events"

"We go on cool adventures to help us with our learning"

Why do we have a school council?

  • To give pupils a voice and enable them to be agents of change
  • To feel ownership of the school so that the reasons for rules and routines are understood
  • To help children learn how the school works
  • To encourage identification with and pride in the school
  • To enlighten staff about the children’s view of the school
  • To collect information which might not arise from other sources
  • To improve and develop citizenship skills in children
  • To develop new attitudes and respect between adults and children
  • To add a further dimension to the PSHE Curriculum
  • To introduce the principles of democracy through the elections of the representatives
  • To offer opportunities for children to solve social, behavioural and environmental problems within a wider perspective
  • To enhance the school ethos
  • To make parents aware that children’s views are considered important and are taken into account

How does the school council work?

  • Two children are elected from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 to serve on the school council. The councillors are chosen carefully, since they represent all the children in their class and will become ambassadors for the school.
  • The children elected as school councillors need to be exceptional role models. The behaviour of each councillor has to be very good. They must never let down the children who elected them or the school.
  • The children elected as school councillors need to be able to listen carefully and speak clearly. They must be able to talk to all the children in their class and be friendly with everyone. They need to be able to remember what their class wants them to say in the school council meetings.
  • The school council meetings are held every term and are currently chaired by Mrs Dollings.
  • Before each meeting, the school councillors are given an opportunity to ask the children in their class about any issues they would like to have discussed.
  • Children should understand that they can speak confidentially to the school councillors at any time and that the school councillors are there to listen to them.
  • The school council may ask anyone they like to attend the meetings to talk to them.
  • The minutes (notes) from the meetings are given to the school councillors so they can be discussed with their class.
  • The school councillors have an important job to do and it is a privilege to be chosen.


Agreed rules:

  • Councillors must treat each other with respect
  • All points of view are valued
  • Everyone has a right to be heard
  • Councillors must put forward the views of their class
  • Agreements must be made by the majority and discussed
  • Councillors will be asked to stand down if their behaviour does not reflect the values of our school