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At Meridian Community Primary School we believe that school uniform creates an ethos of pride and belonging. 

A high standard of uniform is expected at all times.

Please speak with your child's teacher or a member of the leadership team before making any unusual uniform decisions.

Our school colours are royal blue, grey and white. 

As a school, we believe the following are benefits from the children all wearing school uniform:

  • Wearing our uniform enables our children to feel part of the community
  • Families have the opportunity to purchase economical, functional and practical clothing
  • Setting a standard uniform helps to eliminate peer pressure on families to provide ‘expensive and fashionable’ items for daily wear
  • Promotes equality amongst all children
  • Helps us identify children and keep them safe when in public areas e.g. school trips
  • Maintains the high public regard for our school.


School Uniform – a copy of our uniform policy can be found at

  • Royal blue jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan. No sports logos or brand names on.
  • Grey skirt, pinafore, trousers or shorts (no jeans)
  • White shirt, blouse, polo shirt
  • Blue and white gingham dress in the summer
  • Grey or black tights or white socks with skirts, pinafores or dresses
  • Grey or black socks with trousers/shorts (no leggings)
  • Plain black sensible shoes or plain black trainers (see image on the next page)
  • Plain black, white or brown sensible sandals with a back strap can be worn in the summer. Socks must also be worn to protect their feet.

Please remember that the school does not insist families purchase clothing with a Meridian badge. We find that all main supermarkets and clothing stores have unbranded school uniform available and they tend to be more cost effective.

P.E. kit

All children will need the following P.E. kit in school in a named bag.

Royal blue shorts

Plain white t-shirt

Plain plimsolls or trainers

Plain dark tracksuit for outdoor P.E. (grey, navy or black)

Royal blue shorts for indoor P.E

When does my child have PE?


Forest School

Old clothes (trousers/long sleeved tops/shorts/t-shirts – no jeans, crop tops or short shorts please)
Wellies or sensible outdoor shoes (no crocs or open toed sandals as these are not safe)

Waterproof coat

Hats/gloves for cold weather

When does my child have Forest School?


General Information

Jewellery:  The only jewellery allowed in school is plain stud earrings and a watch.  All children will need to either take out their earrings and watches off for P.E. or have tape put over the earrings.  No wrist bands please.

Hair:  All long hair needs to be tied back.   All hair should be of natural colour. Extreme haircuts, such as mohicans and shaved patterns/images, and dyed hair, are not considered appropriate for school.

Make-up:  No make-up or nail varnish is permitted to be worn in school


Please ensure all uniform is clearly labelled so we can return it to their owner if it gets lost.



As has been mentioned, school uniform is compulsory so we request you read the information above carefully and ensure your child has the correct items for September. If children arrive in clothing that is not correct in the first instance the class teacher will speak with parents and carers and a reminder letter will be given. If children repeatedly come to school dressed in clothing that is not correct they may be asked to wear spare school uniform and a meeting with parents and carers arranged.    


Support available

We have an extensive stock of second-hand uniform which our PTFA have available at a fraction of the cost. Please contact if you would like to ask about getting hold of any uniform.


Like all schools, we follow national government guidelines regarding school uniform. Thank you for supporting us with our uniform policy.


Thank you for your support with ensuring your children are wearing the right school uniform.