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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum at Meridian Community Primary School and Nursery

Our curriculum is amazing!

At Meridian Community Primary School and Nursery, we are passionate about making learning engaging, informative and fun so that all children are prepared for their next stages of education.  Our curriculum is underpinned by our high expectations of learning across all subjects.

At the heart of our curriculum are our school values (Respect, Kindness, Strength, Honesty and Responsibility).  At Meridian, we have a high focus on developing fluency and mastery in reading, writing and maths knowledge and skills and we provide opportunities for the children to apply their knowledge and skills across other subjects.  We have a particular focus on developing children's vocabulary through all subjects taught.

Our children love learning about people, places and stories so we ensure that we provide opportunities for children to learn about a wide range of people (including themselves), real and imagined places, and factual and fictional stories.

We teach our children about to be effective learners and how to be healthy (both physically and mentally) to support their achievements in school and in life.  Our curriculum develops children's understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion through the learning opportunities we provide.  All of which supports children at Meridian in becoming well rounded people and citizens of the school, local, national and global communities to which they belong.



Our Curriculum Pledge

Whilst we ensure that we teach the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum, at Meridian Community Primary School and Nursery we aim to educate the whole child through wider opportunities and experiences that demonstrate our school motto "Learning for Life."  We are a true community school and as such we encourage and support all children to learn and play together and treat each other with dignity and respect.  We help children learn from their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions.  Ultimately, at Meridian we children to be safe, happy and learning and a rich, wide and varied curriculum with lots of meaningful, engaging learning experiences


We will visit . . .

  • a museum
  • important local buildings
  • the local zoo
  • a forest
  • an art gallery
  • places of worship
  • London
  • a farm
  • a theatre
  • the beach
  • a residential trip
  • a steam railway
  • the local library
  • a river
  • local parks
  • a battlefield

We will have the opportunity to:

  • learn a musical instrument
  • raise money for a charity
  • participate in community events
  • learn to be ride a bike safely
  • have amazing play times 
  • learn outdoors with our Forest School teacher
  • attend a sporting event
  • be a member of our Eco Council
  • learn to swim at our local swimming pool
  • be taught by specialist teachers
  • watch a pantomime
  • be a member of our School Council
  • enjoy singing together as a school community
  • perform to an audience
  • meet people from different religions
  • meet an author and/or illustrator
  • attend PTFA events like school disco and summer fair