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PE and Sport Premium Funding


 Background and Rationale

During each academic year, every primary school receives a Primary PE & Sport Premium Grant from the government. Each school receives a different amount of money depending on the number of children it has. The money is paid to schools in two instalments; one in the autumn term and one in the summer term. 

The PE and sports premium is additional funding given to maintained primary schools and academies in England. It is targeted at improving the provision of physical education and sport by: 

• Up-skilling teachers to improve the quality of sports lessons 

• Investing in quality coaching 

• Providing more opportunities for pupils to take part in inter-school competitions 

• Offering more after-school clubs 

• Purchasing better equipment 

• Introducing new and unusual sports 

• Improving sports teaching for children with special educational needs 

• Delivering holiday and weekend activities 

• Boosting Change4Life clubs, helping children build a healthier lifestyle. 


At Meridian we believe that all children should experience regular high quality PE and sports activities, as this helps to promote self-confidence, social inclusion and a healthy lifestyle. These qualities enhance children’s learning both in and out of the classroom. We are committed to ensuring that in addition to their regular PE and sports activities, children are educated about healthy lifestyles and have opportunities to try out different sports, be taught by P.E. specialist and take part in competitions. The school provides PE or sports sessions every week, as well as offering a range of after school sports activities for many age groups which increase pupil participation in sporting activities. 

The opportunities available to pupils are wide ranging and include: athletics, football, cricket, basketball, multi-skills and swimming. After school clubs include football, cricket, tennis, gymnastics, multi-skills and karate. A high quality programme has been designed to meet the needs, abilities and interests of our children, and the opportunities provided aim to develop pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills and give them a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity.