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Meridian Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning For Life

Welcome to Meridian Community Primary School & Nursery"We love learning at Meridian because it's fun" (Year 1)"We use learning behaviours to make us better learners" (Year 2)"Meridian is friendly and welcoming " (Year 3)"We collaborate to make colourful learning walls!" (Year 4)"We enjoy celebrating special events" (Year 5)"We go on adventures to support our learning" (Year 6)

Wednesday 21st June

Quote of the day -

Oliver (6R): "This wetsuit is too wet!" Kelly (6R): "Well it is a wetsuit!"

Callum (6B): "I really, really like it here."

Day 3

Today has been another brilliant and fun-packed day at Little Canada. All of the children are really enjoying the trip and making themselves and the adults proud!

After the evening activity last night, the children tidied their cabins ready for the first cabin inspection of the week! We were all very impressed with their tidy cabins, they even had lined their shoes up outside the door and clothes neatly folded. After a long discussion and careful consideration, we decided that the tidiest cabin prize went to cabin 1 (Beth, Sasha, Ellie, Amelia, Gracie, Lydia). The girls were very pleased to have won some sweets and everyone else is determined to keep their cabins tidy in case there is another inspection with sweets as the prize!

The children all fell asleep around 11pm last night and all was peaceful until Gracie and Amelia knocked on our cabin door as Gracie's tooth had fallen out...maybe there will be a visit from the tooth fairy tonight!

The children all tucked into a yummy breakfast again this morning. They chose from porridge, cereal, sausages, scrambled egg, mushrooms and toast. After breakfast, they began their activities. All of the children have been kayaking today. They had a great time learning how to paddle and steer, playing games and splashing each other! Some of the children have had a go at trapeze, they climbed to a small platform (very high up!) before jumping to a trapeze bar. All of the children had a go at climbing to the platform and lots of them even managed to grab hold of the trapeze! We have also all taken part in a problem solving activity today. Year 6 had to work collaboratively to solve puzzles, problems and riddles. No doubt they will be trying out their new riddles on you when they get home! Some of the children have also had a go at a climbing activity called 'Catwalk' today, they had to climb up to different ropes and walk along them, holding onto different ropes and balancing on beams. We enjoyed watching them strike a pose when they reached the end of the catwalk and dance their way back to the ground! One group have also had a go at fencing today, they had a great time.

The children all enjoyed their lunch, they could choose from: tacos with chilli, wraps with chicken or ham and crisps. Dinner was another yummy meal and everyone found something yummy to eat. Most of the children chose chicken goujouns with potato wedges, some children chose pork with apple sauce and the vegetarian option was vegetable Kiev. For pudding, we had cheesecake. After dinner, Year 6 visited the shop again and bought more sweets and ice creams! Lots of them have spent all of their money now, so are eating their sweets very slowly to make them last until Friday!
This evening, the children will compete against each other in teams - in a game called 'Passport to the World'. Everyone is very tired so we are hoping for an early night tonight because tomorrow is another busy day and the disco is tomorrow evening!