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Meridian Community Primary School & Nursery

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Welcome to Meridian Community Primary School & Nursery"We love learning at Meridian because it's fun" (Year 1)"We use learning behaviours to make us better learners" (Year 2)"Meridian is friendly and welcoming " (Year 3)"We collaborate to make colourful learning walls!" (Year 4)"We enjoy celebrating special events" (Year 5)"We go on adventures to support our learning" (Year 6)“This is a calm and purposeful school where pupils enjoy learning and are very proud of their school and how their teachers help them to learn” Ofsted November 2018

Google Classroom


In September 2020, all our classes returned to full-time education following the Covid-19 closure in March. Although we hope that the majority of our children will now have an uninterrupted experience, there is the possibility that an individual child, a year group bubble, or indeed the whole school, will need to self-isolate for a period of time. We have therefore put in place a plan for remote learning so that all children can continue with their education. This meets the expectations set out in the DfE guidance ‘Remote Education Support’. In its most recent guidance the government has now made it an expectation for all schools to ensure they have a strong contingency plan in place for remote education provision by the end of September. 

The guidance states that:
“In developing these contingency plans, the government expect schools to:

• give access to high-quality online resources and teaching videos that are linked to the school’s curriculum

• select the online tools that will be consistently used across the school in order to allow interaction, assessment and feedback.”

This page outlines how we will ensure your child continues to receive their full curriculum should it be necessary for remote learning to begin. The school received widespread praise for its provision of home learning whilst the school was closed to the majority of children. Having listened to our families, one aspect many children requested was for feedback and increased communication with their class teacher. Therefore, from September 2020, Meridian will be using Google Classroom as its platform to share home and remote learning with the children. 

If a child does not have access to a computer/laptop and/or the internet, the school will do all it can to support you and your children. Where funding can be accessed, remote devices (eg, laptops) and/or 4G connections will be sought, particularly for disadvantaged children.  Parents will be reminded to make the school aware of any barriers to accessing remote learning. 

We have created two videos to walk you through the setup process


Introduction to Google Classroom

Google Classroom - Activities


There are two main reasons we need all children to become familiar with using Google Classroom:

  1. To ensure they have access to high quality online resources should they be required to remain at home.
  2. To provide home learning tasks as a way of consolidating content taught in school which will target gaps as a result of missed learning.

Please can we ask that you find a bit of time to support your child get setup if they need help. Google Classroom is best accessed via Chrome when using a PC or laptop and via the Classroom app available on smart phones and tablets. 


Logging in for the first time

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your Meridian google account


Your child’s username has been created as follows:


Password: FirstnameSurname


e.g. Marcus Rashford


Password: MarcusRashford


Please use the name(s) you used on the admissions form when your child arrived at the school.


For hyphenated names please remove the hyphen

e.g. Jane Smith-Cook would become


If you have more than one first or surname do not leave any spaces e.g.

Jo Jo Smith Cook would become 


If you have any trouble logging in please email the school office with ‘Google Classroom login’ in the subject.

We recommend you change the password the first time you login and keep a note of this somewhere safe.

This can be done by clicking on the menu icon in the top left corner and scrolling down to Settings followed by Manage account settings to change your password.

Children have all been instructed that they are not to share passwords with each other.


Join your child’s class

Once logged in click on the + symbol in the top right corner.

Select Join class

Enter the class code into the box when prompted. 



Nur - Miss Duffy



RE- Miss East


RRW – Mrs Reffell & Mrs White


Year 1

1HS – Mrs Halls & Mrs Sagar


1T – Ms Treglown


Year 2

2M – Mrs Mackay


2P – Miss Platt


Year 3

3B – Miss Butcher


3De – Miss Dew


Year 4

4M – Miss Moffat


4PS – Mrs Passingham-Smith


4Y – Miss Yates


Year 5

5JB – Mrs Jackson & Ms Baldrian


5P – Miss Pulleine


Year 6

6dP – Mr de Panama


6H – Miss Howell


6RD – Miss Roberts



In addition the children will also have access to a weekly Forest School and music activity set by Mr Legate and Mr Mole - they will need to join these classes below to access the activities. 


Forest School - ockabd4


Please note that only children with a valid Meridian email address will be permitted to join a class. You will not be able to use personal email accounts. You will only be allowed to join your child’s class. If you accidentally join a different class then that teacher will unenroll your child.



Click on Classwork to access the tasks which have been set by your teacher. Google Classroom calls these Assignments. Your teacher might have saved some instructions, images, files or videos for you to watch. We will now explain how you complete a task set by your teacher.  

Each week your child’s teacher will be setting one activity for them to complete.

Google Classroom calls activities and tasks -assignments

To access assignments click on Classwork

Any activities your child needs to complete will be listed here. Click on an activity to find out what you need to do. 

Your child’s teacher will have modelled how to access these assignments. Instructions can be found by clicking on any links which are attached.


Submitting work

To send your work to your teacher click on + Add or create. 

If you want to write something (which will usually be the case) choose Docs. It will allow you to type or paste ideas. Whatever you write will automatically be saved in your child’s area on the classroom. 

To upload other things such as photos or Word documents you’ve created elsewhere select ‘File’. 

When you’re finished click ‘Turn In’ and it will be sent directly to your teacher.


Using Google Classroom responsibly

All children are responsible for the content they post online. As part of our ongoing work in online safety all children understand that anything they post has an electronic footprint which even when deleted can still be seen by others. Please talk with your child about what this means.

Any unkind or disrespectful behaviour towards staff or children will not be tolerated and dealt with in line with the school’s behaviour policy.

From the week beginning Monday 21st September, teachers will begin setting a weekly task. Assignments will be live every Friday and due back no later than the following Wednesday. This is an opportunity for children to become confident in using Google Classroom and provide support with any misconceptions or gaps which may have emerged as a result of the school closures.

If you have any comments please speak with your child’s teacher in the first instance as they will be in the best position to support you.



If your child has difficulty accessing the learning it is perfectly acceptable to complete the work in partnership with them. For example, if they struggle with loading the documents or typing written answers then we would encourage parents and carers to type what their child is saying.

Alternatively, your child could write/draw their learning on paper and then an adult can take a photo and upload to send to their teacher. This can be done by clicking on + Add or create when in an assignment and then upload your photo by clicking on File.

We will continue to review our provision for remote learning but in the meantime if you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office. Meridian is committed to protecting the privacy of our children. For information about what data has been processed and how we are ensuring Google Classroom is compliant with GDPR regulations please click here.